Thursday, March 22, 2012

4-H Summer Camp Opportunities for kids and high school youth

Durham County Cooperative Extension's 4-H program has released its summer camp brochure.  There are camps for kids of all ages, including teens.   Spaces are limited. Unless otherwise indicated, camps meet at Cooperative Extension at 721 Foster Street (Downtown--same street at Farmers Market across from Central Park School).  There are a range of price ranges, some are incredibly reasonable.  Lots of folks ask why the rates are so low.  This has to do with the mission of Cooperative Extension and 4-H.  Camp is considered a service to the community and we only charge what we need to cover costs.

There is also a weeklong overnight camp option at one of the 4-H camp centers in late June.  This is a discounted rate and Durham 4-H provides transportation and sends one of our local adult 4-H staffers along, so it is a nice opportunity for a kid to go with a group and have a supportive adult available.

Check it out....

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