Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Learning about Twice Exceptional Kids--Addressing the Needs of A Child who has a Learning Disability and Gifted at the Same TIme

Families with gifted kids or kids with a learning disability sometimes find that their child is both gifted and has a learning disability, often called Twice Exceptional or 2e.  It sometimes happens that these 2e kids are supported more in one area than the other in the school setting or not identified at all, which can causes challenges in getting the appropriate education for them.  2e students often have vastly different performance in different subjects or skill sets, such as the student who can give a brilliant researched presentation, but who can't put those same thoughts coherently on paper or the kid who is two grades ahead in language arts but doesn't perform at grade level in math.  We've run across several good articles and resources about this topic and wanted to share a few of these with you. Please share your ideas and resources.

We just received this interesting article from Duke TIP which goes into how RTI (response to intervention) is used to address needs.  Be sure to click on some of the links provided.  DPS uses RTI, so this might be helpful for Durham parents.

The 2e Twice Exceptional newsletter is a monthly newsletter resource for parents.  You can read the back issues, which you can search, and sign up here.

Uniquely Gifted is a website dedicated to the concerns of twice exceptional students. There is a quite a lot to weed through on this one.  We would recommend picking one topic, resource, or article to explore at the time. 

Wrightslaw has some great resources in this area; some pertaining to the policy and legal constraints and opportunities. 

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