Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Charters Opening for 2014-15

Some folks have been asking what we know about the new Charter Schools opening in the area.  We don't know much about them other than what they are sharing.  We will mention two here with their websites.   

For 2014-15, there is only one new charter in Durham County called Reaching all Minds that will serve K-3 in 2014-15 and add a grade until it is K-5.   


Another new charter that might be helpful to mention is Dynamic Community Charter School in Cary as it serves middle and high school children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Students can attend a school in any county if they get in and are willing to transport their child.


There are always growing pains and start up challenges for any new school, so be sure and ask good questions about the site, resources, teaching staff, etc. With charter schools, you also want to ask questions about resources like lunch and transportation that are not often the same as those offered by a regular public school system.

If you are interested in a list of newly approved charters or reading their applications, both are on the NC Department of Public Instruction website at 


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