Monday, March 31, 2014

Our Popular Parent and Family Advocacy & Support Training (PFAST) or Latino PFAST (LPFAST in Spanish) Workshop Series Starts This Week

Our popular Parent and Family Advocacy & Support Training (PFAST) or Latino PFAST  (LPFAST in Spanish) workshop series starts this week on Tuesday, April 1st  at Holton through the DPS Family Academy at 6:00pm.  Dinner and Childcare are included.  Flyers and registration for both Spanish and English are attached.  Please share with others you know.   

The workshop series provides a certificate of completion for finishing 4 of 6 sessions.  You must start the training series by the second session on April 8th in order to participate and earn a certificate.

PFAST and LPFAST help families (Parents, Guardians, Grandparents, Foster Parents) learn to better navigate our public schools.  Families (PK-12) from every walk of life benefit from this workshop series.  Topics include testing, Common Core, Report Cards, School Communication Techniques, AIG/Gifted Education, Special Needs & IEPs, Having an Effective Parent-Teacher conference, School Choice and more.  School  and Community Professionals and community leaders also take PFAST to learn more about how schools work, learn from parent perspectives, or to support their own children.

Families who complete LPFAST and PFAST this Spring will be eligible to participate in a new Parent Leadership certification program this fall through a grant we have received. 

 Families can also register for PFAST online at

AND for LPFAST (SPANISH) online with DPS at

OR with the Attached Registration Forms

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