Thursday, September 4, 2014

Popular PFAST and LPFAST Parent Workshops Support Parents in Improving Student Success

What: PFAST (Parent & Family Advocacy and Support Training) and LPFAST (Latino PFAST) in Spanish.  This special Back-To-School series is offered in partnership with the DPS Family Academy.

This popular six-week workshop series helps any parent better understand how schools work and how you can be the best advocate for your child when things are going well….and when they are not. Build a positive partnership and relationship with your school. Get insider tips and strategies on school choice, standards and testing, parent-teacher conferences, high school requirements, Exceptional Children, Gifted programming, and more in an interactive, fast-paced environment. Dinner and childcare are included.  See the flyers for more information.

PFAST Flyer September-October 2014

LPFAST Flyer SPANISH September-October 2014

When:  (Date update)
ENGLISH PFAST Series runs Tuesday Nights from September 16-October 21 from 6-8pm.  Dinner and childcare provided.  Parents can still join by September 23

SPANISH LPFAST Series runs Tuesday Nights from September 23-October 28 from 6-8pm.  Dinner and childcare provided.

Where: Holton Career and Resource Center, 401 N. Driver Street.  

Contact and Registration:  Registration is required.  Please use the following linked forms for registration by email, fax, mail.

PFAST Registration Form 2014

LPFAST Registration Form SPANISH

Parents can also register through the DPS Family Academy online at  
Scroll down to find LPFAST or PFAST  on September 16 and click register.

Who should take PFAST:  Any parent with a child in public school K-12.  Parents with special needs, gifted children, and other challenges find PFAST particularly helpful.

Quotes from Parents who have participated in PFAST and LPFAST...

"You asked me my tip for parents.  Take PFAST!  I feel like I started this course as a fairly educated and involved  parent.  I was, but I realized there was more I should know.  PFAST has changed how I work with my child's teacher and school.  I am more effective now."

"PFAST changed my life. When you have a special needs kid, you are almost desperate for good information.   I felt a little lost before PFAST.  I don't feel lost like that anymore."

"I learned so much.  Just learning about parent-teacher conferences and the right questions to ask, got me on the right track.  I feel like I am communicating with my teacher so much better and I can see the results for my child." 

"Since I speak mostly Spanish, I miss a lot of information at (my child's) school.  LPFAST and the facilitators really helped me find the resources I need and I understand more now."

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