Monday, February 8, 2016

Duke FEMMES Science and Math Event for 4th, 5th, & 6th grade girls on 2/27--Deadline on Friday, February 12th

Duke's FEMMES Capstone event for GIRLS in 4th, 5th, and 6th grades will be held this year on Saturday, February 27th from 8:45 am - 4:15 pm on Duke University's West Campus.  This is a great opportunity for girls to learn more about science, technology, engineering and math.

The day includes a keynote speaker who explains her role in her particular STEM field and the path that led her to that role, followed by two morning activities, lunch, two afternoon activities, and closing remarks. Each hands-on activity is designed and led by female faculty members, female graduate students, and STEM undergraduate female organizations. 

Participants are placed in groups of 12-15 girls led by two undergraduate or graduate student volunteers who guide the participants through four different activities held in the engineering, science, math, and laboratory buildings at Duke.

Registration is required. Please submit one of the registration forms, linked below, by Friday, February 12th:

English and Spanish Release Forms- Complete one lab participation form and one legal release form.

Parents should print, fill out, and mail these - see address below:

Please send the releases to the following address:
FEMMES c/o Suqi Huang
Duke University Box 95211 Durham NC, 27708-9838

Program Website

Monday, February 1, 2016

College Night for Middle and High School Families--Tuesday, February 9th

The time is now to plan for college!

Attention Durham Middle and High School Parents,

Join College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC) and Durham Public Schools (DPS) to receive helpful financial aid information that includes college costs, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and CFNC resources. DPS will provide an overview of SAT and ACT assessments taken by students starting as early as 8th grade in NC, how to prepare for them and how to use the results to advocate for your children. Spanish translation will be available. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016  6 - 8 p.m.  
DPS Staff Development Center 
2107 Hillandale Rd., Durham

Link to more information and flyers in English and Spanish HERE.

National Eating Disorder Week--Panel Discussion Includes Concerns for Children and Adolescents

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week Panel Discussion
Tuesday February 23, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM EST

Duke Regional Hospital (Auditorium)
3643 Roxboro Road
Durham, NC 27704

3 Minutes Can Save A Life. 
Get Screened. Get Help. Get Healthy.

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (Feb 21-27)


NAMI Durham (National Alliance on Mental Illness) is hosting a panel discussion from several eating disorders clinics in the Triangle to educate people about the nature and treatment of eating disorders. This panel discussion is for professionals, family members, individuals with behavioral health challenges, and the general public. All are welcome!

We brought together four clinical directors from Carolina House, the Duke Center for Eating Disorders, Veritas Collaborative, which specifically treat children and adolescents, and Structure House, which focuses on Binge Eating Disorder. They will sit on a panel to educate and answer questions from the public, family members, providers who treat eating disorders, and most importantly, the people who need more information to recover. Eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and binge eating disorder, include extreme emotions, and physical problems have life threatening consequences.

Our Presenters

Leah Berry, LPC, LCAS,
Partial Hosp. Prog. Manager, 
Eileen Chiaro Case, LCSW, Clinical Director, Carolina House, Raleigh 

Jennifer Pells, Ph.D., Director of Clinical Services, Structure House

Laura Weisberg, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Duke Center for Eating Disorders

Here are some facts about eating disorders that are alarming:
According to the National Eating Disorders Coalition, at least 30 million Americans suffer from an eating disorder. According to the National Institute of Health, eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of all mental illnesses; up to 20% die. People with this mental disorder are 18 times more likely to die early compared with people of similar age. Every 62 minutes someone dies as a result of an eating disorder. Eating disorders are not choices, but serious biologically influenced illness. Eating disorders affect all populations, male, female, young, old, all economic classes and ethnic groups. We need to bring more attention to this issue. Advocacy is necessary. There is a problem from the lack of education about eating disorders and insurance treatment coverage. Only 1 in 10 people with an eating disorder receives treatment. We need to change these statistics.

There is still hope. People with eating disorders can recover with treatment, support from their family, and sharing their experiences in support groups with peers. This is the reason we have put together this outstanding panel. We will be discussing questions such as, what are the methods and most challenging aspects of treating an eating disorder? What are the most important attitudes and actions people can take to recover? What are the causes of relapse? What types of support are helpful to assist in getting someone treatment? We welcome audience participation and have set aside time for people to ask their own questions.

For more information please contact:

Jessica Martinez